Drawing for Myself (Mattingly)

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Description: I started this project in January of 2021 when my mom surprisingly tested positive for COVID-19 after returning for work for the first time during the pandemic. I was in close contact with her but I managed to test negative and had to be quarantined separately from my mom for two weeks in the basement. To help cope with all of my anxiety and stress, I started a drawing project for myself and drew large-scale portraits of my close friends in charcoal, my preferred drawing medium. A few weeks passed and my mom recovered and tested negative, I moved upstairs and continued my project. I thought this video would only take a month at most but this video continued through February, March, April, May, and even June as I started my spring semester of college in late January and I could not put all of my time towards drawing. This passage of time is represented in my voiceover as I wrote one part in quarantine and the other part out of quarantine, four months later.

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